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Our free URL rotating and traffic splitting tool is perfect for dividing traffic evenly across up to 10 different destinations.

Define custom percentage weights to each link destination. For example, if a destination is performing poorly you can reduce the percentage of traffic that is directed to that destination.

Looking to shorten and track a single URL? Try our free URL shortener tool.

Retargeting Pixel Support

Add your retargeting pixels from Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing, Twitter & more. Select which pixels fire on each link, and edit the pixels on existing links at any time.

Editable Destination URLs

Edit your link destination(s) at any time, without needing to create a new link. Change the percentage of traffic to each destination on the fly, or change the destinations entirely. LinkSplit allows full control over where your link traffic goes, and when.

your URLs

Keeping your branding consistent across all of your channels is crucial in ensuring your traffic remains focused and driven to a conversion.
Customized links increase conversions by over 35%.

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  • 10,000 tracked clicks / month
  • 500 links
  • Up to 10 destinations per rotator
  • 3 retargeting pixels
  • Link expiration
  • Custom Domains
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  • 50,000 tracked clicks / month
  • 5,000 links
  • Up to 20 destinations per rotator
  • 10 retargeting pixels
  • Link expiration
  • 3 Custom Domains
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  • 250,000 tracked clicks / month
  • 5,000 links
  • Up to 50 destinations per rotator
  • 50 retargeting pixels
  • Link expiration
  • 10 Custom Domains
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