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Retarget your traffic easily, with the ability to embed retargeting pixels directly in your short links. We support Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Bing and Twitter pixels.

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LinkSplit is a fully editable link shortener. You can edit the underlying destination of your short link at any time, without needing to create a new link. You can even change the destination URL(s) under times of heavy traffic, without losing a single click!

Or, add multiple destinations to one link and split your traffic evenly via our free link rotator tool.

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LinkSplit is built on a lightning fast framework. Your short-link traffic won't even notice we're here, with redirects occuring within 30ms.

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Customize your short URLs to be consistent with your brand.
Customized links increase conversions by over 35%.

Or, go one step further and connect your own custom domain.

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LinkSplit supports the passing of all URL parameters, including the UTM Parameters/Tags used by Google Analytics. Simply add your parameters to the end of the short link, and they will be passed through to the destination URL.

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